Rubber boat, inflatable boat hull

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The inflatable buoyancy tyre of the entire boat was divided into 1 separate chambers, separated with very high air tightness, damage in the individual gas chamber, the other part is still enough buoyancy, two adjacent chamber gas chamber at the same time even more damage, the whole boat still has certain buoyancy!

2 the whole boat has a good resistance to sinking, in the whole boat has been in the maximum load (the use of safety limits), even if the whole boat filled with water, still floating on the surface!

3 the inflatable boats on both sides of a floating tyre, possible hull transverse tilting into the water is very small, and the stability test ensure the special process of product design and manufacturing, so the maximum load even if there is a large storm), it will not transverse overturning!

4 inflatable boats with wood, Aluminum Alloy, FRP boat comparison, inflatable boats can be disassembled and stored flexible transfer, and good anti impact cushioning effect, because the inflatable boats here is light, no matter in the same horsepower or the same speed compared to it in speed and fuel economy is better than the other!

P.V.C material

Inflatable boat cloth using Korea 1100 Danny polyester fabric. Both sides are P, V, C special material coated. This material is completely airtight in the water, wear resistance, durability, resistance to salt and sunlight, with high strength anti-aging, we promise five years of quality assurance.

Adhesive structure and adhesive

The joints of inflatable boats are strengthened in all sizes of lap joints due to good sealing property. It can withstand sudden external shocks. In order to obtain greater adhesion, we use imported P, V, C coating polyurethane adhesive, it has high durability and heat resistance, cold resistance, resistance to glue performance.

Septal membrane

The inner diaphragm of the ship not only protects the safety seal of each air chamber, but also can adjust the pressure balance of each cone.

V keel design

The newly designed inflatable keel is more convenient to improve the speed of inflatable boat. In the rapid operation, the V keel provides excellent direction control and flexibility.

Disassembly, easy to save, flexible transfer, and can be quickly used in urgent need of;

The hull side of the inflatable buoyancy tyre, can greatly avoid overturning danger in the storm;

Have a good impact buffer;

Simple maintenance, maintenance workload is small.

Since the rubber boats are very lightweight, they are superior to wood boats in terms of speed and fuel consumption. The majority of consumers on the existence of a misunderstanding of rubber boats is a factor can not be ignored. Poor quality rubber boats can not reflect the advantages of rubber boats, but will lead to consumer misunderstanding. High quality rubber boats have the following characteristics in order to show the superiority compared with other materials. The so-called "quality" refers to the EU CE international certification. The main features are as follows: the material is good, the inflatable buoyancy tyre still maintain good air tightness at 0.3 bar under the working pressure, the buoyancy tyre and submarine rigid keel (or inflated keel) and the bottom close combination, the inflatable boat is sufficiently rigid, solid support and driving speed. The bottom of the boat (except hard material base) has the ability to prevent the performance of the adhesive tape, so that the possibility of damage to the bottom was reduced to a small extent. The inflatable buoyancy tyre of the whole boat is divided into a plurality of independent air chambers, and the separation is provided with high air tightness. When the individual air chamber is damaged, the other parts are still sufficiently buoyant. According to the buoyancy and separation requirements, when the gas chamber or adjacent two gas chambers, or even all the gas chamber at the same time damaged, the whole boat still has a certain amount of buoyancy for timely emergency treatment.

Because there is sufficient buoyancy, the whole boat is in the maximum load (the use of safety limits), even if the water filled the entire boat cabin, still can float on the water. The inflatable boats on both sides of a floating tyre, possible hull transverse tilting into the water is very small, and in the process of product design and manufacturing have special guarantee of stability testing, so even if the maximum load (even if there is a large storm), it will not transverse overturning. In general, all rated passengers are seated on the side of the buoyancy of the tire, the boat will not capsize, and can still be used to rotate the normal speed. In addition to inflatable keel or inflatable bottom, where the rigidity of the keel, the bottom plate can be split and compact connection (still can ensure the overall strength requirements), so that the whole boat can be disassembled, easy to transfer and custody. The main accessories, such as drag chains, lifesaving rope assemblies, rotary handle, fork seat paddle boat with a steel ring, and the boat tail placed outboard component has on the strength of the guarantee.

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