The source of assault boats - the history of inflatable rubber boats

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According to the Guinness book of world records in Motorboating, inflatable boat's history can be traced back to 880 BC, the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II ordered troops continued to greased animal skins inflated its expansion, in order to pass the river! In ancient China, in the song and Ming Dynasties, two people were also using sealed animal skins. Assault boat came into being mainly in its speed

In 1839, the Duke of Wellington, the first inflatable pontoon boat testing in 1840, the British Thomas Hancock designed inflatable raft and to introduce his work related to your published in later years, "British natural rubber" the origin and progress of a book. In 1844, a navy captain, Halkett, designed a wheel shaped inflatable boat that was repeatedly used in Arctic exploration. Frenchman Clement Ader also designed a floating vessel. In fact, many of the pioneers of the invention of inflatable raft, which indicates the birth of inflatable boat. In 1913, the German Albert, Meyer came up with a rather novel design. By 1920, his company, ginseng Bau Pneum. Boote, is the sale of his "gas" ship, 9 of which have been used in the German army, and gradually interpreted as assault boats

In France and the United Kingdom, ZODIAC and RFD have launched the first modern rubber boats. In 1919, RFD's founder, Forster Dagnall, tested a rubber dinghy on Lake Wisely, England, and improved his design in the year of 1930s. This is the beginning of a popular life raft. In 1934, in France, Pierre Debroutelle designed inflatable boats prototype.

The first modern craft was used in the French navy, and the development of ZODIAC led to the rapid development of civil and military rubber boats. Corresponding to,

Pierre Debroutelle designed the first U shaped rubber dinghy in 1937, and in August 10, 1943 he applied for a patent for the design. It is also the most direct version of today's sports and recreational inflatable boats!

Since then many new manufacturers, new models and new designs have been pushed to the market. The inflatable boat is no longer a small rubber boat on the back of a big yacht! It can reach 45 feet long or even longer! "Rigid" fiberglass hull and aluminum hull, has gradually replaced the original inflatable bottom! Luxury beautiful decorative parts, even funakura also appeared in the boat. Correspond with its name is, today, inflatable boat, often only refers to the pontoon boat is filling, while the bottom may be glass, steel and aluminum, however, inflatable boats have always existed, and become more and more popular!

Types of boats, there are different models, a high-speed boat devoted to the pursuit of speed, with full manual canoeing, Whitewater experience the fun of the drifting boat, there is the work of very simple shape, there are fishing boats for offshore fishing etc..

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