Winter yacht maintenance code

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The winter is not suitable for the yacht to enjoy the yacht life, many owners will be their own yacht for months, until the arrival of summer. The extremely cold temperature is another important factor that may damage the yacht after the salt spray and the rain.

So how to maintain your yacht in winter?

Like cars, the use and maintenance of the yacht in winter first need to check antifreeze. All water containing devices are required to contain the right amount of antifreeze. Antifreeze is suitable for a variety of climatic conditions: it can expand the operating temperature range, reduce the freezing point and increase the boiling point. When the temperature is close to 0 DEG C, in order to avoid freezing, please ensure that the cooling pipe into the antifreeze mixture. Before the system is used to inject antifreeze mixture, the cooling circuit must be cleaned. However, the water (fresh water or sea water) in the pipe may still freeze and cause the pipe to break when the temperature drops below 0 degrees celsius. Therefore, it is necessary to examine all water systems and equipment, including the sea water system (engine cooling system, generator cooling system, etc.), and fresh water system (wiper, fresh water pump, etc.).

In addition, the low temperature, the general diesel will produce some solid paraffin like suspended particles clogged oil filter, causing the engine can not work properly. Therefore, the winter should be appropriate for the use of local climate conditions for diesel oil, to ensure fuel mobility. 0 light diesel is generally suitable for all parts of the country from 4 to September, the use of the south of the Yangtze River in winter can also be used; No. 10 light diesel is suitable for use in the winter and severe winter in the south of the Great Wall.

The engine and generator before the winter to make fresh water into the water loop, sacrificial anode check antifreeze and anti corrosion, the removal of accumulated salt and spraying protective agent. Check engine oil and oil filter, replace if necessary. According to the use and maintenance instructions provided by engine and generator manufacturers.

Battery level and keep the battery charged once a week. Use grease and vaseline to protect the contact terminals. It is best to disconnect all batteries from the system and charge the battery with a separate charger.

Take out all the cushions and keep them in a dry place.

Wood and cloth leather sofa cover. With the special shading cloth to block all the windows, maximize the blocking light into the cabin, especially to avoid the influence of ultraviolet light on wood and fabric color.

Teak decks are cleaned with water and neutral soap and treated with suitable products. When necessary, use sandpaper.

Aluminum and steel clean all metal parts with fresh water, then rub with a cloth dipped in vaseline.

The anode loss of the hull, propeller shaft and water pressure plate shall be examined by sacrificing anode.

Take out the wheel cleaner. And then use the block to block the import and export pipeline.

Windshield wiper after fresh water flushing, with vaseline oil lubrication.

Check the oil level of the gear box if possible. Protect electrical components with suitable protective spray and lubricate the clutch and the chain wheel with silicone oil.

After cleaning the tank with disinfectant, drain the fresh water circuit.

Use the cleaner to clean the tank, especially when there are signs of water.

It is recommended to conduct a thorough cleaning of the engine room, to remove the accumulated salt on the equipment, and to protect all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic devices with a protective spray.

Check all lights on deck and Bridge

Clean all the cabins and check all the filling. Check the sealing of all hatches and lubricate the joints with suitable silicone oil. Clean the fan coil with the air gun, and suck the powder in the back net.

Check hull shell and all parts: propeller, anode, axis, bracket, rudder, balance adjustment plate, fan coil, water cock, bow thruster.

Lift the yacht to a sheltered and dry place. If the yacht open in the park, cover a layer of waterproof layer, and pay attention to maintain good ventilation. Otherwise it will form harmful moisture.

Clean the yacht with fresh water. Check all systems and fasteners on the boat: any signs of damage, aging, or cracks can not be used. Repair damaged parts and replace them if necessary.

Disconnect all unnecessary power units.


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