Life jacket and life buoy

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Personal flotation device (PFD) there are two major categories, namely, life buoy and life jackets. Using the right personal flotation device can save lives.

Be sure to wear a life jacket or carry a life buoy. Unless you're pretty sure you don't need it.

You can make this decision based on weather conditions, the types of activities you take part in, and the level of your experience. If you are a beginner or a lack of experience, it is usually not easy to do so, so if that's the case, you should always wear it.

The individual floating device shall always be worn under the following conditions:

If you can't swim, there's no chance of getting into the water

When the captain thinks it necessary

Abandon ship

You feel like you want to wear one, or if you're not sure exactly what you need to wear

It is important to choose the right personal flotation device, and to match the activities.

What is the difference between a life buoy and a life jacket?

A life buoy is just an item that can be used to help float, usually when you need help.

The use of buoyantapparatus premise is that users have the ability to a certain extent, help yourself by swimming in a safe place, or if you need to rescue, the rescue before the arrival of their stay afloat.

A life buoy is suitable for private vessels (PWC), small boats, windsurfing, and usually a participant may fall into the water.

Life jackets for high standard performance requirements. It can turn a person who is unconscious to a safe position, and the wearer does not need to do any subsequent action to keep the attitude.

What do you need to consider is whether an automatic life jacket or a manual inflatable life jacket with a splash mask, a life jacket, and a whistle is suitable for your current navigation. Ideally, you should buy a life jacket with a cross belt. This will prevent life jackets from falling off your head. You should also consider a life jacket with a dye marker or a personal locator beacon to help locate the D ring, which is used to connect the seat belt, which will keep you in the position of the original slide.

Life jackets are suitable for use in open vessels (such as power boats or rubber boats), and when they return to the shore on a boat, on a sailing boat or a powered yacht, and on any occasion you do not want to stick to the water.

Life jackets have different styles and models. If possible, test your life jacket in a controlled environment to see if it works for you.

Buoyancy grade

In addition to the choice between the life jacket and the life buoy, the buoyancy level should be taken into account.

Buoyancy level of life buoy and life vest is different. Consideration should be given to the level of buoyancy and to make choices accordingly. There are four main buoyancy levels: 50, 100, 150 and 275.

Overall, the need to help when the life-saving buoy at the level of 50, while the general life of Offshore Sailing or power boats for the level of the class is 150.

The buoyancy rating information sheet includes a more detailed information on the buoyancy rating, as well as the classification of individual floating devices.

Infants and children should be selected for their special life jackets.

Keep in mind that inflatable life jackets and life buoys are useless if they don't work. Regular inspection and maintenance must be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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