Boston to teach you how to choose high quality rubber boats, assault boats

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With the rapid development of water sports, demand for many tour pal boats are more and more big, can the market type rubber boats there, the price is also uneven, many amateur friends do not start, so make some details for our tour pal.

First of all, the market makers of civil rubber boats for PVC material, the price from several hundred to several thousand. But in all, the price difference is mainly due to the PVC special cloth caused by the distinction of the price is different, its thickness from 0.45cm to 1.2mm can be used as raw materials for production of rubber boats, rubber boats, the thickness of standard production for 0.9mm, both for the PVC coating, in strengthening fabric, tensile strength more than 1100D and according to customer's different, can be adjusted to 1.2mm, and the bottom with a wear strip, inflatable part can be divided into a plurality of air chambers, can guarantee the security of the ship. The most important point is that the quality of the rubber boat is not to say, not to see how beautiful the site, the size of the company, but by the authority of the monitoring agency issued a certificate of quality. With 6 technical parameters including CE, stability, anti sinking, anti wind and tear, tear strength, environmental protection and other international certification.

Secondly, here to talk about military rubber boats, at present, China's domestic military rubber boats for thick rubber material, a high degree of durability, sunscreen, anti-corrosion, anti scratch. But also extremely obvious defects, because the rubber thickness is large, the entire ship is extremely heavy, hanging outboard machine, transportation is extremely inconvenient, affect the properties of rubber boats itself characteristics, strong maneuverability, and difficult to repair after damage. The use of imported raw materials -- HYPALON, one belonging to the rubber, rubber coated fabric on both sides, strengthen the middle of the strip, the thickness of only 1.1mm, in addition to have the characteristics of rubber, mobility is also very strong, consistent with the requirements of characteristics of rubber boats, simple repair. Has been for domestic and foreign large-scale military and political institutions to supply military rubber boats, flood control rubber boats, but the price of this boat is relatively high, it is recommended to consider the material or rubber boats PVC. Again recommend to buy rubber boats tour pal, protection, and attention should be paid, beware of shoddy, PVC rubber boats, posing as military boats.

Introduce outboard machine (motor). Outboard machine appear on the market at present is roughly divided into two categories, one is domestic, the other is imported. Two kinds of outboard machine has advantages, the company recommended only as a reference. The first outboard machine rubber boats should be applied as short axis motor short axis of the shallow draft, fast waves, the ship can take off from the water, imagine the speed and passion. Domestic motor prices are relatively cheap, but the quality of general. Imported motor price is higher, but the quality is better, at present the country's best-selling imported motor mainly to YAMAHA based, other including SUZUKI, mercury, East hair, etc.. And 2 stroke motor price is low, more popular. But 4 do not use motor mixed oil, environmental protection, noise and other advantages, but also more and more popular by the people. Large horsepower outboard engine and steering wheel, motor operation is what we often say, need other operating system and driving units, the equivalent of automatic cars, after feel relatively comfortable and convenient operation of outboard machine!

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